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Mistakes Beginners should Avoid while Designing a Logo for Business

All the business requires the logo as their predominant form of communication with the customer. Whether it’s small or big business, they should have a logo that allures the customer. A logo design is not just a visual representation of your logo, but it shows the personality of your company and the identity of your business. Undoubtedly, logo design is not an easy task, and it requires a thorough knowledge of graphics and various tools of logo design.

The problem is that when everyone starts creating their own designs, the web becomes flooded with these poor visuals that annoy designers. A logo is viewed by plenty of customers every day, creative design can boost your business, whereas bad design style may ruin the status of your brand.

Not brand specific logo

In simple words, professional logo design is a reflection of your brand, and you need to keep in mind that as well while designing the logo. The first and primary step is to analyze the value, position, and mission of your brand your custom logo design must be fall under this criteria. Even consider that company belongs to which sector in the market and follow it accordingly. At the same time, you must hold the meaning of the brand, which is the basic idea behind the logo design.

Complex design

Complexity doesn’t lead to creativity. At the beginning of the design, you may have a myriad of ideas to implement in your professional logo design, and due to that, it increases the complexity in the logo. It would help if you avoided this to try to make it simple, clear, and unique, which suits the brand. Your custom logo design should be a combination of unique design and simplicity.

Trendy logo

Beginners are always eager to implement something extraordinary in their logo to make it modernized. Your custom logo must represent the business rather than following the trend. Professional logo design truly conveys the ideas and emotions of your business, rather than whatever the trend is. Keep in mind that the trend is for a shorter period, your custom logo design must represent the brand for a more extended period. You can also explore how to make your business logo stands out from others.

Underestimate the basic principle

As a beginner, you must have fundamental knowledge about the design principle. Like, color combination, proper use of design, font knowledge, and many more. There are eight design principles, and without that, you never make an adequate custom logo design that attracts the customer. Not only beginners, but the pro designer must follow these principles to design a logo. Even if you follow the principles only, your logo will be attractive without doing anything.

Improper background and foreground

It requires skill to identify the perfect background and foreground color and font to use it the professional logo design. The text which is written must be readable easily from the distance, text, and background color or picture choice is essential. Beginners might think for the attractiveness in the logo, but it must follow the basic principles of the logo design.

Bound yourself

Graphic designing is a vast industry, and you have plenty of opportunities to show your creativity through the design. As a beginner, you should never limit your thinking capacity. Otherwise, you won’t be able to compete with the rest of the race. You must keep experimenting with the design, which leads to unexpected outcomes in your custom logo design. You will never invent anything if you limit yourself and keep bound with the old design.

Failing to communicate

The primary reason behind the logo is to communicate with customers, if you fail into this, then it's a big loss for the company. For this, only designers are only responsible for this type of errors. There are many designs that look good but not have any meaning behind that just it has pretty colors and designs which only attract the customer and not conveying any message. Colors, font, designs must represent something that suits the business of the company.

Lack of research

This would be crucial when any beginner design a logo, as they are eager to start designing without knowing the brand’s background. If you know the company so that you can make a professional logo design respect to that. After researching, your logo must be around the specification given and also consider the value of the company.


Do not underestimate the importance of your logo. A custom logo is a part of your identity and a reflection of your brand. Challenge your creativity and don’t fear trying out new ideas. The trending feature and functions of logo design make it memorable and unique for a longer time. Above are the basic mistakes, and you have to keep in mind that it isn't repeated.

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